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Create your own reactionface collection!
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What is this?

faces is a PHP web app that allows you to create an online reactionface collection. Live examples:

Development setup

  1. Download or clone this repo to your local harddrive and unpack it if necessary.
  2. docker-compose up
  3. Visit http://localhost for the frontend, http://localhost/admin (username: admin, password: admin) for the admin interface and http://localhost:8080 for phpMyAdmin (user: mysql, password: mysql)
  4. The src folder is mapped to the webserver, so you can edit the files and reload to see your changes

Manual deployment:

  1. Download or clone this repo to your local harddrive and unpack it if necessary.
  2. Create an empty MySQL database. CREATE DATABASE faces DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
  3. Import the file setup/db.sql into the database.


  1. Duplicate src/config/localhost.php and name it like your host name, e.g. src/config/
  2. Open the config file with a text editor and change it according to your site.
  3. Secure the admin area of your installation with a password:
    1. Generate a .htpasswd file online, for example at
    2. Save the file to src/admin/.htpasswd
    3. Open the file src/admin/.htaccess
    4. Change line 3 to point to the .htpasswd file
  4. If you install into a subfolder of your webspace, you'll also have to edit the RewriteBase in the .htaccess file. Set it to match your folder, e.g. if you installed to change the line to RewriteBase /faces/

Finally, upload all the files to your webserver.

A new outfit


The stylesheets are written in LESS, so you'll need to compile them to CSS if you change anything. To make this easier I've provided a Gruntfile to automate the process (same goes for the JS files, the Gruntfile covers these, too).

To get started, install the necessary npm modules: npm install

To build everything just type grunt


Templates in src/core/templates can be overridden by creating a file with the same name in src/content/templates.

For example, if you want to override the navigation, copy src/core/templates/partials/nav.php to src/content/templates/partials/nav.php and change it as you like.

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