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Hexo Theme - Morgan

This is a Hexo Theme, Style-Framework based on Tocas-UI.


  1. Move command to your hexo themes folder.
git clone themes/tocas-ui-morgan
  1. Modify /_config.yml on main folder:
theme: tocas-ui-morgan
  1. Restart Hexo Server.

Code Highlight Support

Morgan use hexo-prism-plugin to display code highlight.

Please follwing the step to install: (install in hexo blog root)

npm i -S hexo-prism-plugin

And you need to edit /_config.yml:

  enable: false

Then edit /_config.yml by adding following line:

  mode: 'preprocess'    # realtime/preprocess
  theme: 'default'
  line_number: false    # default false

tips: you can change prism theme, please reference: Prism Offical

After modified, please clean hexo:

hexo clean


If you want to update Morgan theme, you can enter this command:

cd themes/tocas-ui-morgan/ && git pull && cd ../..

Config Setup

You can also setup something in this theme, follow this description.

Modify /themes/tocas-ui-morgan/_config.yml :

Disquz Comment

If you want to enable Disqus feature, please set enabled_disqus value to true, and also paste your url (before need to create your own Disqus URL) to disqus_url.

Config Key Name Value Description
disqus_url [string] https://[your-site-name]
enabled_disquzs [boolean] true


Slogan conents is the animate that dispay on Header, if you just setting less then 2 slogan, then animate will not be play.

Config Key Name Value Description
slogan [array] [ "Hallo, dit is mijn blog", "嗨,這是我的博客!","안녕하세요, 제 블로그입니다.", "Hi, This is my blog!", "こんにちは、私のブログへようこそ!", "مرحبا، مرحبا بك في مدونتي" ]
slogan_random_display [boolean] false
slogan_color [Color] "white"

Turn on the slogan_random_display, can make your slogan random show at every time visit website.

slogan_color can just set the color name of string (if browser support), or rgb(),rgba(), #ffffff ...etc

Blog Title Colors

You can set the big title text color, and also background color:

Config Key Name Value Description
title_color [Color] #404040
title_background_color [Color] #f7f7f7

Menu Text Colors

Config Key Name Value Description
menu_text_color [Color] #5a5a5a
menu_background_color [Color] #f7f7f7

Above mentioned that key-value is not like this picture, but you can find theme color reference after the chapter.

Summary Article Text Colors

This setting just can modify the title color on index page, it will not affect article reading page.

Config Key Name Value Description
article_color [Color] #3498db
article_color_hover [Color] #34b2db
article_color_active [Color] #2075c1

About Me Widget

About Me is the widget on this theme, you can modify it to hide or show on the index page.

Config Key Name Value Description
enabled_about_me [boolean] true
about_me_text [string] "About Me"
about_me_content [string] "I am a dedicated person with a..."

Footer Content (Copyright)

Add your copyright information in this config, if keep setting be null, it will show default value information.

Config Key Name Value Description
footer_big_content [string] ""
footer_small_content [string] ""


Default Style:

Blue-light Style:

Theme Color Reference



Reference setting:

Config Key Name Value Description
slogan_color [Color] white
menu_text_color [Color] white
menu_background_color [Color] #333333
title_color [Color] white
title_background_color [Color] #34bed0


Hexo Theme - Morgan is released under the MIT License.