1st easybuild hackathon meeting minutes day 2

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(Friday Aug. 17th 2012, 10am-6.30pm)

During the second day of the 1st EasyBuild hackathon, we finally got to implemented some of the things discussed, and worked together to finish work that was started (open pull requests, ...). These notes were taken by Kenneth Hoste.

Action points

  • agree on encoding scheme for class names (see issue #86)
    • prefix with eb_ (is this PEP008 compliant? should it be EB_?)
    • solves issues with software names starting with numbers, keep origin capitilization after prefix
    • encode characters that can't be parted of class name + underscores
    • - -> _minus_
    • # -> _hash_
    • + -> _plus_
    • _ -> _underscore_
    • (FG) implemented this change during the hackathon, and issued a pull request; he will also document the encoding scheme
  • (KH) work together with (FG) to get acquinted with workflow for contributing back
  • (KH) try and get all of (TW)'s pull requests merged
  • (KH) update README file with contact info, fix links so they look pretty (see issue #94)
  • (KH) fix outdated EasyBuild GitHub webpage (was still mentioning easybuild.sh, for example)
  • (TW) finish work on open pull requests
    • processing remarks, finishing work that was started as much as possible
  • (JT) go through pull request for DOLFIN (see issue #80)
  • (JT) look into required change to hoist all easyblocks in a single easybuild.easyblocks namespace (see issue #87)
    • don't use single letters anymore in namespace, but do keep easyblocks organized in letter directories