3rd easybuild hackathon

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group picture during 3rd EasyBuild hackathon @ Nicosia, Cyprus
group picture during 3rd EasyBuild hackathon @ Nicosia, Cyprus
(left to right: Mohamed, Stelios, Dina, Jens W., Thekla, Eleftherios, Alan, Alexander, George T., Jens T., Kenneth, Fotis, George F.)

Basic Information

  • time: Mon-Wed Mar 11-13 2013, 10am-6pm (Nicosia time)
  • location: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • notes: organised by LinkSCEEM


  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, EasyBuild developer and release manager)
  • Jens Timmerman (HPC-UGent, EasyBuild developer)
  • Fotis Georgatos (University of Luxembourg, HPC sysadmin and active contributor)
  • Jens Wiegand (The Cyprus Institute)
  • Stelios Erotokritou (The Cyprus Institute)
  • Mohamed Gafaar (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
  • Ioannis Kirmitzoglou (University of Cyprus)
  • Thekla Loizou (The Cyprus Institute)
  • Dina Mahmoud Ibrahim (Cairo University)
  • Alan O'Cais (Jülich Supercomputing Centre)
  • Alexander Schnurpfeil (Jülich Supercomputing Centre)
  • George Tsouloupas (The Cyprus Institute)
  • Ioanna Kalvari (University of Cyprus)
  • Demetris Charalambous (Cyprus Meteorological Service)
  • George Fanourgakis (The Cyprus Institute)
  • Nicolas Kanaris (The Cyprus Institute, HPC user (OpenFOAM))
  • Konstantinos Stergiopoulos (The Cyprus Institute) (excused)

Training exercises

A set of training exercises to get familiar with EasyBuild is available here.

Agenda (planned)


  • [10am] welcome by local organizers (Jens Wiegand) [slides (PDF)]
    • mention practical arrangements for coming days
  • [10.15am] introduction round: who's who (brief, informal)
  • [10.30am-11.30am] EasyBuild presentation (Kenneth Hoste, Jens Timmerman) [slides (PDF)]
    • intent is to train attendees on making optimal use of EasyBUild
    • introduction to purpose of EasyBuild and its design
    • example use cases
    • focus on modularity: easyblocks and compiler toolchains
    • getting started: writing easyconfigs; writing easyblocks; extending compiler toolchain support
    • contributing back
  • [11.30am-12.00pm] presentation by local organisation (George Tsouloupas) [slides (PDF)]
    • where and how does EasyBuild fit in with local needs?
    • current activities with EasyBuild
    • wishlist
  • [12.00pm-12.30pm] presentation by Jülich Supercomputing Centre (Alan O'Cais):
    • where and how does EasyBuild fit in with needs of JSC?
    • current activities with EasyBuild
  • [lunch]
  • [2.00pm(?)] technical discussion on EasyBuild
    • open issues relevant to the attendees, future directions
  • [5pm-6pm] video conference presentation (Adam DeConinck, NVIDIA) [slides (PDF)]
    • GPGPU toolbox for sysadmins and user support teams
    • building CUDA software

Tuesday [10am-6pm]

Wednesday [10am-6pm]

  • hackathon (continued)