Compiler toolchains (old)

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Easybuild comes with two compiler toolkits: ictce and goalf; for intel and gcc compilers respectively. Below is the config file for ictce toolkit:



description="""Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition provides Intel C,C++ and fortran compilers, Intel MPI and Intel MKL"""



## compiler class

As you see these toolkits are very simple. They are just a virtual package with dependencies so that when you use these toolkits, they are automatically loaded.


Using a toolkit is very straightforward. You set toolkit={'name':'ictce', 'version':'4.0.6'} in an easyconfig file. Packages built with different toolkits will have different names so you need not worry about possible conflicts.

Create your own

Creating your own is very straightforward. Copy paste the above example, and adjust name and dependencies as needed. Make sure to also look at the icc config file, so you get an idea how to create a custom compiler.

Remember: you will also need to set up all the dependencies, because they are the actual workhorses in the toolkit.