Conference call notes 20140218

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Notes on the 7th EasyBuild conference call, Tuesday Feb. 18th 2014 (3pm -3.30pm CET)


Alphabetical list of attendees (2):

  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, Belgium)
  • Geert Jan Bex (UHasselt (VSC partner), Belgium)


  • update on support for easyconfig format v2 (Kenneth) skipped
  • tips & best practices for dealing with errors in a non-trivial build process (question by Geert Jan)


Tips & best practices for dealing with errors in a non-trivial build process
  • dive into the (debug) build log

  • start from the end, look for run_cmd entries or Running method * part of step * and any error messages that occur in the corresponding output

  • we should look into splitting the log into separate log files, one per step, to make debugging problems significantly easier

  • having a devel log level, i.e. one level more verbose than debug, might be useful too; this can help in making debug logs more readable, by avoiding lots of output that was only relevant when developing new features (e.g. toolchain processing, setting up the environment, etc.)

  • setting up an environment like the one in which EasyBuild operates

  • stopping after a particular step with -s or --stop is a first (small) step

  • to set up the actual environment, the devel modules should be used (but they're not usable yet/anymore in current releases, cfr.

  • we should generate separate devel modules per step, in the build directory (see also

  • side question: uninstall command line option (cfr.

  • uninstalling software can be easily done naively by removing the install directory and the corresponding module

  • this doesn't take into account dependencies though; the software being removed may be a dependency to others

  • for this, reverse dependency tracking needs to be implemented