Conference call notes 20140417

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Notes on the 10th EasyBuild conference call, Thursday Apr. 17th 2014 (3pm - 3.30pm CET)


Alphabetical list of attendees (4):

  • Petar Forai (GMI, Austria)
  • Fotis Georgatos (University of Luxembourg)
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, Belgium)
  • Ward Poelmans (UGent, Belgium)


  • better organize reviewing and testing of (easyconfigs) pull requests (Kenneth)


  • more frequent releases of easyconfigs?
    • is of little value, EasyBuild doesn't care where easyconfigs are located (they don't need to be part of a release)
  • separate pool of new easyconfigs that are not part of a release yet (or maybe not even merged yet in develop)
    • in an 'experimental' branch
    • make -—search aware of it
  • make handling of pull requests easier for the release
    • list of lieutenants: Petar, Ward, Pablo, Fotis, Jens
    • requires some scripting
      • code style => make it part of unit test suite
      • test report, collects metadata, push result in PR (hub wrapper helps?)
    • guidelines for:
      • opening a PR: build works, # files, etc.
      • reviewing a PR
    • automate testing of the builds, via Jenkins
      • attention point during next hackathon?
  • recursive try would be tremendously valuable
    • but will also result in lots of new easyconfigs...
    • easyconfig format v2 will help a lot, but not fully finished yet