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Release schedule

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This page gives a overview of previous and future EasyBuild releases, along with details on the planning of future releases.

Next release

Release schedule for EasyBuild v2.7.0:

  • feature freeze: Wed Mar 9th 2016
  • planned release: Tue Mar 16th 2016

Release planning

Release early, release often

We target monthly releases of EasyBuild, following a "release early, release often" strategy. New releases are usually done on the last day of the month (or one of the first days of the next month).

Feature freeze

For every release, we try to stick to a strict schedule to try and make sure we can release "in time".

The week before a planned release, we set a feature freeze deadline. Only pull requests that are open before that deadline are considered for inclusion in the next release.

Between the feature freeze and the planned release date, all the relevant open pull requests are reviewed and tested to make sure they're ready to be merged in the develop branch, and a full regression test is run to reveal any bugs or regressions. Once the full regression test passes, a release candidate is made available, shortly followed by the actual release (either on the planned release date, or shortly after it if necessary).

Previous releases

  • EasyBuild v2.6.0: January 26th 2016
  • EasyBuild v2.5.0: December 17th 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.4.0: November 10th 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.3.0: September 2nd 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.2.0: July 15th 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.1.1: May 18th 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.1.0: April 30th 2015
  • EasyBuild v2.0.0: Mar 6th 2015
  • EasyBuild v1.16.2: Mar 6th 2015
  • EasyBuild v1.16.1: Dec 19th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.16.0: Dec 18th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.15.2: Oct 7th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.15.1: Sept 25th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.15.0: Sept 12th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.14.0: July 9th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.13.0: May 29th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.12.1: Apr 25th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.12.0: Apr 4th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.11.1: Feb 28th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.11.0: Feb 16th 2014
  • EasyBuild v1.10.0: Dec 24th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.9.0: Nov 17th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.8.2: Oct 18th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.8.1: Oct 14th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.8.0: Oct 4th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.7.0: Sept 2nd 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.6.0: July 11th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.5.0: June 1st 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.4.0: May 2nd 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.3.0: April 1st 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.2.0: February 28th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.1.0: January 27th 2013
  • EasyBuild v1.0.2: December 8th 2012
  • EasyBuild v1.0.1: November 24th 2012
  • EasyBuild v1.0: November 13th 2012 (stable API)
  • EasyBuild v0.8: June 29th 2012
  • EasyBuild v0.7: June 18th 2012
  • EasyBuild v0.6: May 11th 2012
  • EasyBuild v0.5: April 6th 2012 (first public release)
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