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Setting up tab completion for bash

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Since EasyBuild v1.10.0, tab completion for bash shells is supported.

To make this active, you need to make sure the required bash functions are available, and that auto-completion for the eb command is registered. This can be done as follows after the installation of EasyBuild

source `dirname $(which eb)`/minimal_bash_completion.bash
source `dirname $(which eb)`/optcomplete.bash
complete -F _optcomplete eb

Once this is done, you should have tab completion in a bash shell working, for example:

$ eb --avail-<TAB>
--avail-easyconfig-constants   --avail-easyconfig-params      --avail-module-naming-schemes  --avail-repositories           
--avail-easyconfig-licenses    --avail-easyconfig-templates   --avail-modules-tools 
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