Basic Python libraries used by UGent's HPC group
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Build Status

  • Python 2.6 : Build Status
  • Python 2.7 : Build Status


Common tools used within our organization. Originally created by the HPC team of Ghent University (


Namespaces and tools


python utilities to be used as libraries

  • fancylogger: an extention of the default python logger designed to be easy to use and have a couple of fancy features.

  • custom specifiers for mpi loggin (the mpirank) with autodetection of mpi

  • custom specifier for always showing the calling function's name

  • rotating file handler

  • a default formatter.

  • logging to an UDP server ( f.ex.)

  • easily setting loglevel

  • : Daemon class written by Sander Marechal ( to start a python script as a daemon.

  • Small functions and tools that are commonly used but not available in the Python (2.x) API.

  • : File cache to store pickled data identified by a key accompanied by a timestamp. (moved to vsc-utils)

  • : A general option parser for python. It will fetch options (in this order) from config files, from environment variables and from the command line and parse them in a way compatible with the default python optionparser. Thus allowing a very flexible way to configure your scripts. It also adds a few other useful extras.

  • : Linux cpu affinity.

  • Based on sched.h and bits/sched.h,

  • see man pages for sched_getaffinity and sched_setaffinity

  • also provides a cpuset class to convert between human readable cpusets and the bit version Linux priority

  • Based on sys/resources.h and bits/resources.h see man pages for getpriority and setpriority

  • : Module to allow Asynchronous subprocess use on Windows and Posix platforms

  • Based on a python recipe by Josiah Carlson

  • added STDOUT handle and recv_some

  • : A generic daemon class by Sander Marechal

  • : A module with various convenience functions and classes to deal with date, time and timezone.

  • : This module provides functionality to cache and report results of script executions that can readily be interpreted by nagios/icinga.

  • : Python module to execute a command, can make use of asyncprocess, answer questions based on a dictionary

  • supports a whole lot of ways to input, process and output the command. (filehandles, PIPE, pty, stdout, logging...)

  • : Wrapper around the standard Python mail library.

  • Send a plain text message

  • Send an HTML message, with a plain text alternative


A collection of python scripts, these are examples of how you could use fancylogger to log to a daemon, but should not be used directly.

  • A daemon that listens on a port for udp packets and logs them to file, works toghether with fancylogger.
  • : Script that will start the logdaemon for you and set environment variables for fancylogger.


vsc-base is made available under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL) version 2 or any later version.


vsc-base was created with support of Ghent University, the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC), the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO), and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI).