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Academy / ASC Common LUT Format (CLF)


This bundle contains an implementation of the Academy / ASC Common LUT Format (CLF). The format was developed as part of the Academy's ACES project.


The Python implementation of CLF:

  • Includes reading, writing and querying data structures
    • And processing data where appropriate
  • Is meant to be open, accessible, easily understood
  • Is NOT meant to be fast
    • A C/C++ implementation is needed




  • Provides simple Python interface to read, write and query CLFs, and process colors with CLFs
  • Implements the S-2014-006 specification included in the ACES 1.0 release
  • Implements the Autodesk CTF extensions
    • Documentation
    • Some extensions have proprietary behavior which is not open.
      • Ex. The Reference ProcessNode
  • Implements the Duiker Research extensions
  • Does little checking for validity of the ProcessList data
  • Includes unit tests demonstrating
    • Creating a ProcessList and various ProcessNodes
    • Reading a CLF
    • Writing a CLF
    • Processing colors with a CLF



  • Prints information about a CLF to the terminal


  • Reads an image, applies a CLF to the image, writes a new image


  • Converts from the different LUT formats to CLF
  • LUT formats currently supported are: spi1d, spi3d and csp


  • Converts from CLF to different LUT formats
  • LUT formats currently supported are: spi1d, spi3d, csp, clf


  • Converts from a set of OCIO colorspace definitions to CLF
  • Accepts source color spaces and destination color spaces.
  • Currently supported OCIO transforms: Group, File, Log and Matrix
    • Missing transforms: Allocation, CDL, Exponent
      • ColorSpace, Display and Look transforms not supported either. These are references to other transforms so should be simple to support eventually.
    • Not all flags are supported.
      • Ex. 'inverse' for Matrix Transforms


  • Autodesk extensions
    • Gamma ProcessNode
    • Log ProcessNode
    • Reference ProcessNode
      • With some separation of Autodesk-specific functionality like the 'alias' attribute
    • ExposureContrast ProcessNode
    • 'bypass' Attribute
    • DynamicParameter Element
    • ASC-CDL 'style' keywords
  • Duiker Research extensions
    • Group ProcessNode
      • Useful for organizing list of nodes that represent a single filter/transform
    • 'floatEncoding' Array Attribute and associated behavior to allow for exact floating-point value storage and transmission, i.e. without converting to a potentially ambiguous decimal representation
    • gzipped reading and writing

Would be nice to have

  • An 'inverse' style for ProcessNodes such as LUT1D, Matrix, Range, ASC CDL.


These scripts and modules were the product of work and conversations with a number of people. Thanks go to:

  • Walter Arrighetti
  • Scott Dyer
  • Alex Forsythe
  • Jim Houston
  • Thomas Mansencal
  • Doug Walker


The original author of this CLF implementation is:

  • Haarm-Pieter Duiker


The CLF (aces/clf) module can be used independently. The tools that work with CLF depend on the following libraries: