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Digital Emily

This is a set of assets based on the Digital Emily project, using data captured in the Light Stage. These were created with an eye towards facilitating further experimentation with the existing dataset, extending material definitions for Vray and the skin shader in OSL provided on the main site.

This is a personal project from Haarm-Pieter Duiker of Duiker Research.

Repository Contents

The project contains lights, camera and geometry elements that are renderer independent.

The project also contains a mental ray specific 'Assembled' scene along with a file with only the materials for mental ray. The mental ray materials make use of the mila layered materials library.

The project also contains a PBRT v3 specific 'Assembled' scene along with a file with only the materials for PBRT v3. This scene was created using PBRTForMaya.

The project was created in Maya 2016 SP4.

The frames were rendered with a camera that animates through the static camera positions. Frame 1 corresponds to Light Stage Camera 0. Frame 2 to Light Stage Camera 1 and so on.

Resources / References

The base models and textures used in this project can be found on the main page for the Digital Emily project

Further information about the dataset can be found on the Wikihuman site here and here


The creator of the mental ray materials and modifications of the base Digital Emily assets is:

  • Haarm-Pieter Duiker

Example Render

Digital Emily - mental ray - Camera 2


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