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Resource descriptions with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration IDs in SPASE metadata format

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Visit the website []

How to Use This Repository

If you are a consumer of the metadata simple clone the repostory

git clone -b master --single-branch --depth=1

If you are a contributor, clone the repository and use the "draft" branch.

git clone
git checkout draft

After pushing updates send a "pull request". After a review, the changes will be added to the master branch and shared with consumers.

Validation Actions

GitHub actions are configured for this repository. When a "git push" occurs a validation and referential check is performed on the changes or additions to the repository since the last push. The status of the action is displayed in the "SPASE Push Validation" badge at the top of the page. You can view the log of the validation by viewing the action workflows, clicking on the appropriate workflow run, then "validate-log" artifict.

The "SPASE Push Validation" is designed to incrementally validate the repository. It assumes that the repository is valid before the "git push". To perform a whole repository validation run the "SPASE Manual Validation" action. To manually run an action go to the actions page, select the "SPASE Manual Validation" action, then click on "Run Workflow". For large repositories it can take many minutes for the workflow to complete - be patient. Once it is complete the "SPASE Manual Validation" badge will update.

Note on badge refresh: The status portion of a badge is an image. Typically browsers cache images so an updated status may not appear immediately. One way to view the current badge is to clear cached images back to when you last loaded the page, then refresh the page.

Notes for repository administrator: There is no garbage collection for workflows. So, its a good practice to occassionally visit the action workflows and remove old workflow runs. To remove a run click the elipses (...) for a work flow and select "Delete workflow run". Typically you would only need the most recent run.


Resource descriptions with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration IDs in SPASE metadata format






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