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EventMachine documentation guides

Welcome to the documentation guides for EventMachine, a fast and simple event-processing library for Ruby programs (à la JBoss Netty, Twisted, Node.js and so on).

Guide list

  • {file:docs/ Getting started with EventMachine}
  • {file:docs/ Writing event-driven servers}
  • {file:docs/ Writing event-driven clients}
  • {file:docs/ Connection Failure and Recovery}
  • {file:docs/ TLS (aka SSL)}
  • {file:docs/ EventMachine ecosystem}: Thin, Goliath, em-http-request, em-websockets, Proxymachine and beyond
  • {file:docs/ On blocking the event loop: why it is harmful for performance and how to avoid it}
  • {file:docs/ Lightweight concurrency with EventMachine}
  • {file:docs/ Deferrables}
  • {file:docs/ Brief introduction to epoll, kqueue, select}
  • {file:docs/ Working with other IO sources such as the keyboard}

Tell us what you think!

Please take a moment and tell us what you think about this guide on the EventMachine mailing list or in the #eventmachine channel on what was unclear? What wasn't covered? Maybe you don't like the guide style or the grammar and spelling are incorrect? Reader feedback is key to making documentation better.

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