JSON and XML parser for GWT with json/xpath and namespace support
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Totoe (Maori for "to split, devide") is a XML parser for GWT. Totoe comes with JSONPath support when parsing JSON and XPath and namespace support when parsing XML. It originated from Pirit a JSON and XML mapper for GWT.


Totoe uses JSONPath to evaluate JSONPath expressions.


For the XML parsing Totoe relies on Sarissa. Sarissa is a great cross browser XML parser for javascript. Essentially Totoe is a GWT port of Sarissa with the goal to offer a similar API as the GWT XML module. Right now the focus is on parsing XML - there are no methods to create, insert or append documents, elements or nodes. Those features might come in later releases. The big advantage over the GWT XML module is IMHO a cleaner API and the support of XPath and namespaces.

Features / Limitations

  • Support for JSONPath expressions
  • XML parser with similar API as the GWT XML module
  • Support for XPath
  • Namespaces support in IE7 and IE8
  • Right now no support to create, insert or append documents, elements or nodes.


If you want to take a quick look at Totoes features feel free to go to http://totoe-tester.appspot.com/. There you can enter arbitrary JSON / XML and test your XPath / JSONPath expressions.