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Stardew Valley farm planner

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Henrik Peinar @hpeinar

Special note

This project is built with tools offered by JetBrains

How to contribute

  • Make PR
  • I'll review it and merge if it checks out
  • I'll update with your code in it so other people can also enjoy new features
  • I'll add you to contributors list (feel free to do so in the PR).

Some stuff that community has asked but are not yet implemented

  • Count for different stuff placed (how many sprinkers, roads etc)
  • Image export
  • More trees, tappers.
  • Depth rendering so buildings etc could be fully drawn out
  • Save exporting
  • Better highlights
  • Also would be cool to have list of done plans


Donations in any sum are very appreciated.

Installation & running

Alternative 1

npm install
node index.js



POST /api/import
CORS enabled endpoint which imports given save game file to the planner.
Expects saveGame.xml or as file parameter in the post. Please note that it implements regular zip format, not gzip.

Note: This endpoint is rate limited to 600 requests per 15m (40 requests per minute)
Note: saveGame.xml limit is 25mb

curl --form "file=@saveFile.xml"


  "id": "readable-id-of-the-save",
  "absolutePath": ""

Error response:

  "message": "Missing file"


  • Background image exported from game by /u/zaxcz
  • Building sizes and door locations by /u/Jurk0wski
  • Base save importing code by /u/ThisIsMyName777
  • All crops from all seasons by ClairelyClaire
  • Tons of suggestions, fixes, testing and ideas by R3ality
  • Providing test save file with most of the items and ID's Mai from #stardewvalley
  • Being a cool guy and pointing me in the right direction with some coding stuff TeMPOraL from #stardewvalley
  • Helping to test and improve v2 version of the tool speeder from #stardewvalley
  • Sharing their epic farm saves /u/ky13 & /u/Halfbloood
  • Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe


Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe, Chucklefish LTD Copyright 2012
Stardew Planner licensed under the Apache License v2