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\title{Parallel Pseudorandom Number Generators for Monte Carlo Simulations: Using Most Reliable Algorithms and Applying Parallelism of Modern CPUs and GPUs to Accelerate Computations}
\tocauthor{L. Barash} \author{} \institute{}
{\large Lev Barash}\\
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics\\
The new library for parallel pseudorandom number generation for modern CPUs and GPUs is presented~\cite{barash1}. It contains both single-threaded and multithreaded realizations of a number of modern and most reliable generators and includes the ability to initialize up to $10^{19}$ independent pseudorandom number streams. In particular, the library includes the pseudorandom number generators recently proposed and studied in ~\cite{barash2,barash3,barash4,barash5,barash6} and the efficient SIMD realizations presented in~\cite{barash7}. Using massive parallelism of modern GPUs and SIMD parallelism of modern CPUs allows to substantially improve performance of the generators.
{\sc L.Yu. Barash}. {-}. unpublished.
{\sc L. Yu. Barash}. {Applying dissipative dynamical systems to pseudorandom number generation: Equidistribution property and statistical independence of bits at distances up to logarithm of mesh size}. Europhysics Letters 95 (2011) 10003.
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{\sc L.Yu. Barash and L.N. Shchur}. {RNGSSELIB: Program library for random number generation, SSE2 realization}. Comp. Phys. Commun. 182 (2011) 1518.
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