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\title{Modelling of TE and TM Modes in Photonic Crystal Wave-Guides}
\tocauthor{K. Schmidt} \author{} \institute{}
{\large \underline{Kersten Schmidt}}\\
DFG-Research center Matheon, TU Berlin\\
\\ \vspace{4mm}{\large Dirk Klindworth}\\
DFG-Research center Matheon, TU Berlin\\
Photonic crystals (PhC) are materials comprising a periodic modulation
of the refractive index in the order of the wavelength of the light. %
PhCs have attracted much attention due to their exceptional ability to
engineer the properties of light propagation. %
Light is guided efficiently in waveguides which are formed by omitting
one or a few rows of holes in an otherwise perfectly PhC of finite
size. %
In this project we are interested to compute the TE and TM modes for a
given frequency $\omega$ in those PhC wave-guides, which is a
quadratic eigenvalue problem in the quasi-momentum~$k$ in a unit cell
which is an infinite strip~\cite{Schmidt.Kappeler:2010}. %
Similar quadratic eigenvalue problems for finite unit cells have been
studied already~\cite{Engstroem.Richter:2009}. %
We study different model reductions concerning the infiniteness of the
unit cell with respect to their algorithmic realisation, their
accuracy and computational effort. %
These include the supercell method, a Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator of
an semi-infinite photonic crystal~\cite{Joly.Li.Fliss:2006} as well as
a specially adapted basis on infinite cells. %
The comparison will be supported by numerical experiments with the
{\em p}-version of the finite element method on meshes with curved
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