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How to update Online Lab on Tahoe

Login to tahoe:

ssh tahoe

Make sure you have the following in your .ssh/config:

Host tornado_lab
    HostName localhost
    User ondrej
    Compression no
    Port 2248

Then login into the tornado_lab virtualbox as ondrej (this is important):

ssh ondrej@tornado_lab

you may need to setup ssh keys, or ask Pavel or Ondrej for a password. Then go to the screen session:

screen -r

You can do the following:

  1. Stop the tornado_lab by CTRL-C

  2. Exit FEMhub by ctrl-D

  3. If you need to update FEMhub, do:

    git pull origin master

    ./femhub -d

  4. To update the Online Lab do:

    cd ../femhub-online-lab

    git pull origin master

    ../femhub/femhub -s spkg-install # this will install the updated Online Lab in FEMhub

    cd ../femhub

    ./femhub -f -i http://femhub.org/stpack/mesheditorflex-1.0.p2.spkg # it is necessary to reistall Mesh Editor (should be fixed)

  5. Start FEMhub again by "./femhub"

  6. Start the tornado_lab by "lab()"

  7. Exit the screen session by "CTRL-AD"