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2D hp-FEM code (frozen)
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Welcome to Hermes2D!

Hermes2D is a C++ library for rapid prototyping of space- and 
space-time adaptive hp-FEM solvers. Novel PDE-independent 
hp-adaptivity algorithms allow you to solve a large variety 
of PDE problems ranging from stationary linear equations to 
complex time-dependent nonlinear multiphysics PDE systems 
(see videos). The library is developed in collaboration with 
CSE experts, it follows newest trends in software engineering, 
and it comes with a free interactive online lab powered by UNR 
computing facilities. Detailed tutorial  enhanced with many 
benchmarks  and examples allow you to use Hermes2D without 
being expert in object-oriented programming, finite element 
methods, or in the theory of partial differential equations. 
Plus, there is a very active user community  where you will 
get help quickly. 


Hermes2D is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public 
License along with Hermes2D; If not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, 
MA  02110-1301, USA.


Copyright (c) 2009 hp-FEM group at the University of Nevada, 
Reno (UNR). Email:, home page:

Download and Installation

Installation instructions for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Cygwin,
and Windows MSVC can be found in the Sphinx documentation 


Generating and Viewing User Documentation Offline (Linux)

Source files of the (Sphinx) user documentation are in the
directory doc/. In order to compile the user documentation, 
you need to install Sphinx. Then follow these steps:

cd doc
make html
firefox _build/html 

Generating and Viewing User Documentation Offline (Windows+MSVC)

This is a sequence of steps which will install Sphinx and which
will allow to generate user documentation. The steps assume that you
have already installed Microsoft Visual Studio 9 (MSVC) Express
Edition (or any higher edition) and you have a copy of Hermes2D sources.

All commands, which are marked with a keyword 'prompt:', are executed
in a command prompt opened in the step 3. Search for all mentioned
application through Google since, usually, the first link is the right

1) Download and install python 2.6
2) Add paths 'my_python_path\' and 'my_python_path\Scripts' to
   the enviromental variable PATH.
3) Open a command prompt with MSVC variables:
   Search for 'Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt' in the start menu.
4) Download and install setuptools 0.6c11
5) Install Sphinx using setuptools (Internet access required)
   prompt: easy_install -U Sphinx
6) Go to a folder doc folder of Hermes2D source tree
   prompt: cd my_hermes2d\doc
7) Run NMAKE requesting HTML version
   prompt: nmake html
8) View the documentation using a file

Generating and Viewing Developer Documentation Offline (Linux)

Source files of the (Doxygen) developer documentation are
in the directory doc.cpp/. In order to build them you need
to install Doxygen. Then do:

cd doc.cpp/
doxygen hermes2d.lib-real.doxyfile
doxygen hermes2d.lib-cplx.doxyfile

This will generate documentation for the real and complex
version of the library, respectively. To view the docs, 

firefox h2d-real/html/index.html
firefox h2d-cplx/html/index.html

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