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A Squeak VM written in RPython.


All-in-One bundle for Linux, Windows and macOS:

Download zip Download tar.gz

Pre-built 32-bit binaries:

Download Linux Download macOS Download Windows

Pre-built 64-bit binaries (note that the goal for RSqueak/VM to support all image formats that are <= the native word size - so the 64-bit VMs should open both 32-bit and 64-bit images; it should simply be faster. Due to limitations of the underlying RPython toolchain, Windows binaries cannot currently be built in 64-bit mode):

Download Linux x86_64 Download macOS x86_64

We also have experimental builds for Raspberry Pi:

Download Raspberry Pi 1 Download Raspberry Pi 2 Download Raspberry Pi 3

Finding a working image

Although RSqueak can load images starting with Squeak 2, many primitives are not implemented and instead rely on in-image fallback code to be available and correct. For example, we do not have a BitBlt implementation, so unprepared images will simply stay black. This is why only a Trunk image of Squeak with the latest version of VMMaker from the VMMaker.oscog branch fully works. Try this in a recent Trunk image to prepare it for use with RSqueak/VM:

(Installer squeak project: 'VMMaker') install: 'VMMaker.oscog'.
MCMcmUpdater updateFromServer.

Note that RSqueak/VM will always save images in 32-bit Cog-Spur format, regardless of what it was when you opened it. So make sure to save as new version if you want to keep the original around.

Building from Source