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Module System for Squeak/Smalltalk

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This is an experimental module system for Squeak. It is inspired by Newspeak and uses nested classes as a central concept.

Nested classes are members of their enclosing classes and they can be declared on the instance-side and on the class-side. Instance-side nested classes make it possible to implement mixin modules in the module system itself, without further modifications to the virtual machine. Class-side nested classes are typically used as namespaces for hierarchical decomposition.

The module system GUI is written in Vivide. Screenshot

There is no central module repository yet, but some modules are stored in the modules directory.

Run with SqueakJS

You can run the module system with a prepared image in your browser. However, we do not update that image very often. And keep in mind that running this image in your browser is pretty slow! You can also download the image to your computer and run it with your favorite Smalltalk VM (e.g. Cog).

Try the module system in your browser.

Install in your own image

You can find installation instructions in the Wiki.


Module System for Squeak based on Nested Classes







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