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ASGbreezeGui provides a graphical representation of a Breeze netlist
Java Shell
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ASGbreezeGui provides a graphical representation of a Breeze netlist with support for hierarchical designs.


No installation or changes in environment variables needed. To run it you will need a Java runtime environment (JRE) v1.7 (or later).


To see a list of supported command line arguments execute


To open a file chooser at startup execute


To show a graphical representation of a Breeze netlist on screen execute

bin/ASGbreezeGui -mode gui /path/to/breezefile.breeze
  • Shape semantics
    • Normal outline: Handshake components (Labelled with the component type and the component id)
    • Bold outline: Ports to the environment (Labelled with the name and the direction)
    • Dashed outline: Sub components (Labelled with the name)
      • Double click the component to open its graph in a new window
  • Edge semantics
    • Caption: channel id (and, if present, the data width of the channel in parenthesis)
    • Arrow: If present shows that this channel is a pull or push channel depending on its direction
  • The routing is
    • Primary: Control flow from top to down
    • Secondary: Data flow from left to right (or vice versa - depending on if its a push or pull channel)
    • You can adjust it by dragging the components
      • You can save this to png and svg by pressing s on your keyboard (File name is always snap_DATE)
  • You can zoom with the mouse wheel

To export a graph to png directly execute

bin/ASGbreezeGui -mode png -out outfile.png /path/to/breezefile.breeze

To export a graph to svg directly execute

bin/ASGbreezeGui -mode svg -out outfile.svg /path/to/breezefile.breeze

Build instructions

To build ASGbreezeGui, Apache Maven v3 (or later) and the Java Development Kit (JDK) v1.7 (or later) are required.

  1. Build ASGcommon
  2. Execute mvn clean install -DskipTests
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