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Chafa 1.4.0

@hpjansson hpjansson released this
· 502 commits to master since this release
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This release adds major features to both libchafa and the chafa
command-line tool.

  • Added sixel graphics support. Chafa will automatically produce sixels
    if the connected terminal supports it. It can also be forced using the
    new -f or --format flag. This is a new implementation written from the
    ground up to maximize throughput.

  • Added the --glyph-file option, which loads glyph-symbol mappings from
    any file format supported by FreeType (TTF, PCF, etc). This allows for
    custom font support and improved symbol selection.

  • Added the --speed option specifying animation speed. It accepts a
    unitless multiplier, a specific number of frames per second, or max
    for maximum throughput.

  • There are now two ways to assign colors to symbol cells. Formerly,
    this was done based on the average color of the covered area. The new
    default is to use the median color, which produces sharper edges,
    but is slightly more prone to high-frequency noise. The new option
    --color-extractor selects the method to employ.

  • When displaying multiple files, the default delay between files has
    been changed from three seconds to zero. Animations will still play
    through once. This can be overridden on the chafa command line with -d
    or --duration.

  • Minor tweaks to built-in symbols.

  • Performance improvements:

    • Halved pixel storage requirements from 64 bits to 32 bits, resulting
      in significant memory savings.
    • Now builds with -ffast-math, yielding a big speedup for DIN99d.