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Chafa 1.6.0

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@hpjansson hpjansson released this 15 Jan 02:13
· 535 commits to master since this release

This release adds major features and important fixes to both libchafa and the chafa command-line tool.

  • Added support for fullwidth symbols that take up two character cells. These are common in East Asian scripts. Single-cell and double-cell symbols can be mixed, and -f symbols mode will use both if possible.

  • New symbol tags: alpha, digit, alnum, narrow, wide, ambiguous, ugly, bad. "Ambiguous" symbols have uncertain widths and may render poorly in some terminals. "Ugly" denotes symbols that are unsuitable for Chafa's cell-based graphics (multicolor emoji, ideographic descriptors, etc). "Bad" is a superset of these two categories. Bad symbols are always excluded unless explicitly enabled with e.g. CHAFA_SYMBOL_TAG_BAD (--symbols +bad in the frontend).

  • The font loader (--glyph-file option) now does a better job with proportional fonts.

  • Added options for controlling lossless optimization of output. Currently, attribute reuse and character repetition (REP sequence) are implemented.

  • Added -O option to the frontend. This controls the optimization level.

  • Added a simple abstraction layer for terminal control sequences (ChafaTermInfo and ChafaTermDb). This allows for improved terminal support.

  • FbTerm is now supported with TERM=fbterm in the environment.

  • Bug fixes:

    • #43 Fix signal handler (reported by @elfring).
    • [unfiled] Crash when invalid font paths were passed on command line.
    • [unfiled] Small typo in fontgen's README (@timgates42).
    • [unfiled] Bad contrast adjustment in images with transparency.