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Sphene Community Tools (forum and wiki based on django)
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Sphene Community Tools (SCT) - Copyright (C) by Herbert Poul (

Sphene Community Tools are django applications to build communities and similiar websites designed to be easily pluggable into any django project to build. It currently consists of a forum, wiki and blog application.


  • sphenecoll/ Collection of django application (the base source for SCT).
  • examples/ A simple example configuration for using forum and wiki



(Note: Since 0.6 SCT also comes with an experimental - if you are using (e.g. by executing: python install) please provide feedback on or if it worked or if you encountered any problems.)

To find instructions on how to setup a simple project for using forum and wiki see our tutorial at:

Python library path

You need to add sphenecoll/ to your python include path.

Maintenance cron job (Optional)

To recaulcate heat for forum threads and similar, you should add the following cronjob to run once a day (or similar)

/path/to/your/django/project/ sph_maintenance


SCT makes use of django caching framework - it is therefore advised to configure CACHE_BACKEND django setting & co. look at the django caching documentation


Please follow the search documentation.


There are currently two examples - a very simplistic 'simpleproject' in the examples/ directory (see examples/simpleproject/README) and a more sophisticated example called CommunityDraft which i recommend as using as a base for your own projects (if you start from scratch). See for details.

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