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Herbert Poul <> - Creator and maintainer of
the Sphene Community Tools.
Thanks to the following contributors:
(This list might not be complete)
Almir Karic - for contributing patches
(404 fixes, quick reply feature)
Bruce Kroeze <> - for contributing patches
('Modular post rendering')
Daniel Ellison <> - for providing
feature requests/feedback and the "default avatar" image:
Daniele Varrazzo - for providing various patches especially for the
Eric Simorre <> - contributed french
translations for all apps and communitydraft.
Iain Mac Donald - contributed the 'SCT powered' logo:
Jakub Wiśniowski <> - for contributing patches
(Using MEDIA_URL instead of hard coded links, i18n translation strings
as well as polish translations)
Maciej Wiśniowski <> -
Contributing various patches for forum bugs and features as well as polish
Mariano Casco <> - various blog-related features
and fixes.
Walter Woods <> - contributing patch for the forum and
testing many posting/permission related problems.
Young Gyu Park <> - for contributing korean
translations for all applications.