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This is the public source repository for WireThePlanet

This is the complete code and markup used to generate . Much of the code and markup on the production site has been minified and compressed. If you are interested in any of it, this is the place to look.

The design and graphics are NOT OPEN SOURCE and ©WireThePlanet. The code, such as the JavaScript, is OPEN SOURCE and may be used freely in any project.

The code makes use of

A few of the apps I used for local development were


/cgi-bin/ - This is used to automatically deploy changes on the production server via a service hook when we push to the github repository. It was written as a perl script because that was the easiest way to get the code to execute as the correct user.

index.html makes use of a cache-busting technique via .htaccess as outlined in HTML5 Boilerplate that will likely not render correctly on your machine without running the site via Apache. You can get around this by changing the CSS and JS links from css/screen.number.css -> css/screen.css and js/scriptWTP.number.js -> js/scriptWTP.js.

Questions or comments? - Feel free to email me -