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A Compass plugin that provides a CSS3 port of the Aristo UI elements
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Aristo Compass Plugin

A Compass plugin that provides a CSS3 port of the Aristo UI elements.


You'll need to be familiar with the Compass CSS authoring framework and have it installed. Then install the plugin as a gem:

sudo gem install hpoydar-compass-aristo-plugin

To add the plugin to an existing Compass project:

cd <compass_project_name>
compass -f aristo -p project .

And add the following line to the top of the config.rb file created by Compass:

require 'aristo'


Within your application's Sass files, import the Aristo mixins:

@import aristo

Then modify the generated aristo.sass file to suit your needs. See for examples and syntax.


  • Add segmented controls
  • Add windows
  • Documentation
  • Attempt to have it look as good on FF3.5 as it does in Webkit/Chrome
  • Take a look in IE and document what works

About Aristo

Aristo is an open source UI distributed as part of the Cappuccino Open Source Framework and specifically designed for the cross platform challenges applications face today. It is a collaborative effort by 280 North, Inc. and Sofa and released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. You can view this license here:

You can find out more about Aristo by visiting

Thanks to Alex MacCaw, who took the first crack at CSS-ifing Aristo:

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