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Processing JS Studies with CouchDB Storage

Use this browser-based application to create and render Processing programming language documents - 'sketches' - that have non-repeatable, randomized elements of form, shape, color and/or animation. Both the Processing sketches and rendered results are served and stored with CouchDB.

The Processing.js Javascript extension is used to display the Processing code within HTML canvas elements and enable the whole application to be run from within a web browser.

Demo: processing-js-studio / jquery


Admittedly this is software by me for me. I use Processing as a tool to inspire and construct offline paintings. I was looking for a way to iterate over Processing sketches with randomized elements and store the renderings that I liked. The Processing IDE is a little cumbersome in this regard, so I built this tool to help solve the problem. Oh and plus I enjoy hacking with neat new stuff.


Installation and Usage

  1. Make sure the requirements are all installed
  2. Define your CouchDB backend settings in .couchapprc
  3. Deploy with ruby deploy.rb
  4. Navigate to the URL shown in the output of the above command
  5. Upload some Processing sketches by clicking on the 'Manage' sketches link

Development TODO

  • Refactor: move logic to Sammy ap
  • Code editing (bespin)
  • Share renderings via
  • Endless pagination
  • Start/stop animated documents
  • Proportions alteration
  • Port the whole thing in a canvas element?


(c) Henry Poydar Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

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