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A Fast, Enjoyable HTML Parser for Ruby

Hpricot is a very flexible HTML parser, based on Tanaka Akira’s HTree and John Resig’s jQuery, but with the scanner recoded in C. I’ve borrowed (what I believe to be) the best ideas from these wares to make Hpricot heaps of fun to use.

 # load the Family guy's home page
 require "hpricot" # need hpricot and open-uri
 require "open-uri"
 doc = Hpricot(open(""))
 # change the CSS class on list element ul
 (doc/"").set("class", "new-site-nav")
 # remove the header
 # print the altered HTML
 puts doc

A Proper Start

Further Information

  • See for interactive demos
  • Hpricot mailing list: send an email to for information
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