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OpenThread Installation instructions install-openthread.html

OpenThread by Google Nest is the networking protocol the Particle Mesh devices are loosely based on. You can purchase the nrf52840 USB Dongle fully installed with the ncp (firmware needed for it to run OpenThreadd) from seedstudio-nrf52840-mdk-usb-dongle

and the firmware for these dongles if you brick them is at

Here is what I have found out about OpenThread.

The Github is at:

What took a while to find out:

Openthread makes the firmware using c++ that is installed on devices like the nrf52840 USB Dongle. The two main things to install are the ncp and the cli. See this site

Border Router is the software that runs on a linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi 3B and helps connect the Thread network to the internet

Wpantund is the software that runs on a linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi 3B which helps connect different nrf52840 USB Dongle's to each other

PySpinel seems to be a python program that either makes Drivers or does kind of what wpantund does but in python.

You will also need nrf-Connect for desktop (Look for the pull down on the right that says "platform" looks like an Ad.) for windows, Linux or Mac to transfer the openthread .hex files to your nrf52840 usb dongle

You might need for more advanced programming nrfutil For windows grab the top latest release from for linux of mac check the github

Tutorials about openthread

The Client is a command line interface that uses the ot-cli-ftd.hex firmware. A full reference is and example use is here

More commssioner stuff herre

Installing all of them on 64 bit Linux (I am using Ubuntu 18.04)

Same link as at the top of this page. Follow this link

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