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Home Performance Certificate (BPI-2101)

BPI-2101-S-2013 Standard Requirements for a Certificate of Completion for Residential Energy Efficiency Upgrades ("Home Performance Certificate") is a BPI standard that identifies a subset of HPXML data elements for certificates that document the completion of an energy efficiency project, either whole-house or individual measures (See :ref:`bpi2101-use-case-defn`).

The Home Performance Certificate standard dataset is the most complex use case because it contains each of the following :ref:`building-node` nodes.

  • Pre-upgrade
  • Proposed workscope
  • Post-upgrade

Two :ref:`project-node` nodes are included as well that describe the proposed project and the completed project. It can be thought of as a combination of the :doc:`Audit and Upgrade <auditupgrade>` use cases.

Finally, :ref:`consumption-node` and :ref:`utility-node` nodes are also included to provide a utility billing history.

See the examples/bpi2101.xml document for more details on what data elements are included.

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