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OpenPoker Texas hold'em Game Server & Client

This project is based on wagerlabs/openpoker, but I modified almost all of the code:

  • Except distributed, I do not care about this.
  • Except object paramters from exch module.
  • Delete super big module g.
  • Delete db dirty operation and use mnesia transaction.
  • Reflection all texas module and game module, game context struct.
  • Less protocol and client communications.

I added some feature:

  • HTML5 texas client, animate by CSS3, communicate by websocket API, NOT Flash!!!
  • Websocket communition layer based mochisocket.
  • Client simulator, can be based process message testing.
  • Manage Site based ChicagoBoss MVC Web Framework.
  • Script tools generate protocol code by need to change.


OpenPoker support multi network connection, eg: WebSocket, Socket.

Connection with client by some custom protocols, please check on wiki.


OpenPoker is released under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Licence.