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#include "hpy.h"
#include <stdio.h>
HPyDef_METH(do_nothing, "do_nothing", do_nothing_impl, HPyFunc_NOARGS)
static HPy do_nothing_impl(HPyContext *ctx, HPy self)
return HPy_Dup(ctx, ctx->h_None);
HPyDef_METH(double_obj, "double", double_obj_impl, HPyFunc_O)
static HPy double_obj_impl(HPyContext *ctx, HPy self, HPy obj)
return HPy_Add(ctx, obj, obj);
HPyDef_METH(add_ints, "add_ints", add_ints_impl, HPyFunc_VARARGS)
static HPy add_ints_impl(HPyContext *ctx, HPy self, HPy *args, HPy_ssize_t nargs)
long a, b;
if (!HPyArg_Parse(ctx, NULL, args, nargs, "ll", &a, &b))
return HPy_NULL;
return HPyLong_FromLong(ctx, a+b);
HPyDef_METH(add_ints_kw, "add_ints_kw", add_ints_kw_impl, HPyFunc_KEYWORDS)
static HPy add_ints_kw_impl(HPyContext *ctx, HPy self, HPy *args, HPy_ssize_t nargs,
HPy kw)
long a, b;
const char* kwlist[] = {"a", "b", NULL};
if (!HPyArg_ParseKeywords(ctx, NULL, args, nargs, kw, "ll", kwlist, &a, &b))
return HPy_NULL;
return HPyLong_FromLong(ctx, a+b);
typedef struct {
double x;
double y;
} PointObject;
HPyDef_SLOT(Point_new, Point_new_impl, HPy_tp_new)
static HPy Point_new_impl (HPyContext *ctx, HPy cls, HPy *args,
HPy_ssize_t nargs, HPy Kw)
double x, y;
if (!HPyArg_Parse(ctx, NULL, args, nargs, "dd", &x, &y))
return HPy_NULL;
PointObject *point;
HPy h_point = HPy_New(ctx, cls, &point);
if (HPy_IsNull(h_point))
return HPy_NULL;
point->x = x;
point->y = y;
return h_point;
HPyDef_SLOT(Point_repr, Point_repr_impl, HPy_tp_repr)
static HPy Point_repr_impl(HPyContext *ctx, HPy self)
PointObject *point = PointObject_AsStruct(ctx, self);
char msg[256];
snprintf(msg, 256, "Point(%g, %g)", point->x, point->y);
return HPyUnicode_FromString(ctx, msg);
//return HPyUnicode_FromFormat("Point(%g, %g)", point->x, point->y);
static HPyDef *point_type_defines[] = {
static HPyType_Spec point_type_spec = {
.name = "pof.Point",
.basicsize = sizeof(PointObject),
.defines = point_type_defines
static HPyDef *module_defines[] = {
static HPyModuleDef moduledef = {
.name = "pof",
.doc = "HPy Proof of Concept",
.size = -1,
.defines = module_defines
static HPy init_pof_impl(HPyContext *ctx)
HPy m, h_point_type;
m = HPyModule_Create(ctx, &moduledef);
if (HPy_IsNull(m))
return HPy_NULL;
h_point_type = HPyType_FromSpec(ctx, &point_type_spec, NULL);
if (HPy_IsNull(h_point_type))
return HPy_NULL;
HPy_SetAttr_s(ctx, m, "Point", h_point_type);
return m;