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This is the source repository for the webpages.

Working with the repo to generate new content

The webpages are generated using the static site generator nikola ( and is driven with a Makefile. To create a new post, first create a virtualenv with make venv_nikola/bin/nikola, then ./venv_nikola/bin/nikola new_post.

!! The content of public (with all helper directories, like js, css, ...) is not written by hand, please do not modify - it will be overwritten !!

After you make changes, you can do make build to regenerate the pages in public/ for local viewing, but do not commit these, they will be rebuilt and commited via a CI deploy step. You can also do make auto to start a server that will serve the pages, and rebuild them when any changes are made to the sources.

PRs previews will be generated with Netlify. After pushing a PR, a CI run will have a "Deploy preview ready!" run, clicking on the "details" link will show the newly-rendered site preview.


Comments to blog posts are generated via the utterances javascript plugin. The comments appear as issues in the repo. When viewing the site, a query is made to fetch the comments to the issue with that name. To comment, users must authorize the utterances app to post on their behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. Alternatively, users can comment on the GitHub issue directly.


Any changes to the main branch (including merging PRs) regenerates and pushes to the gh-pages branch, which is a copy of the public directory.