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minitox is a minimal client written for toxcore. It's an example of tox client implementation and also a toy which new developers coming to tox can play and start with, therefore getting familiar with the project.


  1. Single file and small codebase;
  2. Fully standalone (No 3rd library needed, only rely on toxcore and system C library);
  3. Covered most APIs of friend & group, and more to come;
  4. Fun to play with (colored text, async REPL, etc.).


If toxcore has been installed into the system path, use


Or link it manually (assuming exists in TOX_LIB_DIR, and tox.h in TOX_H_DIR/tox):

$ gcc -o minitox minitox.c -I TOX_H_DIR -L TOX_LIB_DIR -Wl,-rpath TOX_LIB_DIR -ltoxcore


To keep things simple, minitox does not provide command line options, except for -h and --help. To change its behaviour, you are encouraged to modify the source file and rebuild. The source file has been heavily commented.