is a lightweight jQuery based div overlay box for displaying content over the web page, a PopUP called PushUpBox.
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is a lightweight jQuery based div overlay box for displaying content like (html, CMS modules, etc...) over the web page, a PopUP called PushUpBox.

GPL Licence

DD_PushUpBox provides three functions which can be used from everywhere

This function is to push custom content to the PushUpBox it expects two parameter:

content the content to push
contentTitle the title for the box
DD_PushUpContent(content, contentTitle)

This function is to move the content from an sepcific id to the PushUpBox. It expects two parameter:

contentID the id to push
contentTitle the title for the box
DD_PushUpID(contentID, contentTitle)

DD_PushUpID has a special handling. It moves the html of the content ID to the PushUpBox and after closing the Box, it moves back.

For this, we provide a css class to make the push related id content invisible.


(For example, to provie a invisible login module to the site, which should be placed to the pushUpBox when be called by DD_PushUpID, like a login pop up. It's usefull when you use a CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc... So you can place the login module or any other module to the bottom of your site, give them the .dd_pushupbox class to make it invisible and a custom id for the DD_PushUpID function, to trigger the login PopUp. Thats all, it has never been easier to switch any module, div container etc ... to a PopUp Box. Just push it up ;).

This function is to close PushUpBox and kick back any pushed ID if pushed.

Other Features:

  • Close PushUpBox by clicking outside the box or by press escape key.
  • Some settings and CSS adjust functions (See Configuration at dd_pushupbox.js).
  • Minified CSS and compressed JS Versions.
  • Compatible with any jQuery Version.
  • Support all major web browsers.

Integration to your site::

    <!-- ... -->

    <script type="text/javascript" src="dd_pushupbox.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="dd_pushupbox.css" type="text/css">

Example of use from inline events

    <!-- ... -->

    <!-- Usage with DD_PushUpContent() function -->
    <button onclick="DD_PushUpContent('<p>your pushUpBox html...</p>', 'Box title')">Show pushUpBox by using DD_PushUpContent</button>

    <!-- Usage with DD_PushUpID() function -->
    <div class="dd_pushupbox" id="mypopupID1">
        <p>Your content to place at pushUpBox</p>
    <button onclick="DD_PushUpID('mypopupID1','Box title');">Show pushUpBox by using DD_PushUpID</button>

Examples of use from a script

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* ... */

    DD_PushUpContent('<p>your pushUpBox html...</p>', 'Box title');

    /* ... */

    DD_PushUpID('yourid', 'Box title');

Configurating options at the script dd_pushupbox.js

   var DD_PushUpBox = function () {

       // Configuration
       var config = {
               width: 200,                  /* Width of the box */
               padding: 10,                 /* Padding of the PushUpBox title and content */
               title: true,                 /* Display title */
               closingX: true,              /* Display closingX */
               closingXHTML: '&#10006;'     /* The content of the closing <button>&#10006;</button> */

DD_ Namespace

DD_ stands for Didldu e.K. | HR IT-Solutions (Brand recognition)
It is a namespace prefix, provided to avoid element name conflicts.

Author: Didldu e.K. Florian Häusler
Copyright: (C) 2017 - 2017 Didldu e.K. | HR IT-Solutions GNU/GPLv2 only