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(ns deuce.scaffold
(:use [clojure.set :only (intersection)])
(:require [ :as sh]
[clojure.string :as string]
[clojure.walk :as walk]
[ :as io]
[clojure.pprint :as pprint])
(defmacro eval-in-emacs [& emacs-lisp]
`(let [env# (zipmap '~(keys &env) ~(vec (keys &env)))
code# (str "(progn " (apply str (walk/postwalk-replace env# '~emacs-lisp)) ")")]
(:out (sh/sh "emacs/src/emacs" "-Q" "-batch" "--eval" code#))))
(def symbol-delimiter "--- DEUCE DELIMITER ---")
(defn read-subrs []
(let [symbol-delimiter symbol-delimiter]
(require 'cl)
(do-symbols (sym)
(and (fboundp sym) (subrp (symbol-function sym)))
(princ (describe-function sym))
(princ symbol-delimiter))))))
(defn read-vars []
(let [symbol-delimiter symbol-delimiter]
(require 'cl)
(do-symbols (sym)
(when (and (boundp sym)
(eq (find-lisp-object-file-name sym 'defvar) 'C-source))
(princ (replace-regexp-in-string symbol-delimiter "--- REPLACED DELIMITER ---" (describe-variable sym)))
(princ symbol-delimiter))))))
(defn special-forms []
(->> (string/split (read-subrs) (re-pattern symbol-delimiter))
(map #(re-find #"(\S+) is a special form in `C source code'" %))
(remove nil?)
(map (comp symbol second))
(defn subrs []
(->> (string/split (read-subrs) (re-pattern symbol-delimiter))
(remove empty?)
(map #(let [[decl & doc] (->> (string/split % #"\n\n")
(drop-while (complement (partial re-find #"\(.*"))))
[name & args] (string/split (subs decl 1 (dec (count decl))) #"\s+")]
[(symbol name) {:args (map symbol args) :doc (string/join "\n\n" doc)}]))
(into {})))
(defn vars []
(->> (string/split (read-vars) (re-pattern symbol-delimiter))
(remove empty?)
(map #(let [[decl doc] (string/split % #"Documentation:\n")
[doc & _] (string/split doc #"\n\nValue:")
[name & _] (string/split decl #"\s+")]
[(symbol name) {:doc doc}]))
(into {})))
(defn find-files-for-tags [tags]
(sh/sh "./collect-tags")
(let [tags (vec tags)]
(->> (eval-in-emacs
(setq tags-file-name "emacs/src/TAGS-TEMACS")
(princ (mapcar (lambda (x) (buffer-name (find-tag-noselect x))) tags)))
(map #(string/replace % #"\..+$" "")))))
(def subr-aliases '#{search-forward-regexp search-backward-regexp internal-temp-output-buffer-show})
(def ns-overrides '{+ "data" / "data" * "data" = "data"})
(defn generate-fn-stubs [subrs]
(->> (map #(vector (key %) (assoc (val %) :namespace (get ns-overrides (key %) %2)))
(find-files-for-tags (map name (keys subrs))))
(into {})
(group-by (comp :namespace val))))
(def illegal-symbols {(symbol "1+") (symbol "1+")
(symbol "1-") (symbol "1-")
(symbol "/=") 'slash-equals
'... '(&rest args)
'ARGS... '(&rest args)
'ARGUMENTS... '(&rest arguments)})
(defn print-fn-stubs [namespace fns vars]
(pprint/pprint (list 'ns namespace
(list :use ['deuce.emacs-lisp :only '(defun defvar)])
(list :require ['clojure.core :as 'c])
(list :refer-clojure :exclude
(vec (intersection (set (keys (ns-publics 'clojure.core)))
(set (keys fns)))))))
(doseq [[v {:keys [doc]}] vars]
(println (str "(defvar " v " nil"))
(when doc
(print " \"")
(print (-> doc
(string/replace #"\n" "\n ")
(string/escape {\" "\\\"" \\ "\\\\"})))
(println "\")")))
(doseq [[f {:keys [args doc]}] fns]
(println (str "(defun " (if (illegal-symbols f) (str "#el/sym \"" (str (illegal-symbols f)) "\"") f)
" " (pr-str (->> (replace illegal-symbols args)
(map (comp symbol string/lower-case))))))
(when doc
(print " \"")
(print (-> doc
(string/replace #"\n" "\n ")
(string/escape {\" "\\\"" \\ "\\\\"})))
(println "\""))
(println " )")))
(defn print-special-forms []
(print-fn-stubs 'deuce.emacs-lisp (select-keys (subrs) (special-forms))))
(defn write-fn-stubs [dir]
(.mkdirs (io/file dir))
(let [vars (generate-fn-stubs (vars))]
(doseq [[original fns] (generate-fn-stubs (reduce dissoc (subrs) (concat subr-aliases (special-forms))))
:let [namespace (symbol (str "deuce.emacs." original))
vars (vars original)
file (io/file dir (str original ".clj"))]]
(println namespace (str "(" (count fns) " subrs)"))
(with-open [w (io/writer file)]
(binding [*out* w]
(print-fn-stubs namespace fns vars)))
(load-reader (io/reader file)))))
(defn -main [& [dir & _]]
(write-fn-stubs (or dir "src/deuce/emacs"))
(System/exit 0))
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