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(ns deuce.test.common
(:use [clojure.test])
(:require [deuce.emacs.fns :as fns]
(defmacro emacs [& body]
`(last (map deuce.emacs.eval/eval '~body)))
(defn remove-vars [ns vars]
(dorun (map #(ns-unmap ns %) vars)))
(defn clear-publics [ns keep]
(remove-vars ns (remove keep (keys (ns-publics ns)))))
(defn loadup []
(with-redefs [deuce.emacs.emacs/kill-emacs (constantly nil)]
(emacs (setq command-line-processed nil)
(setq command-line-args '("src/bootstrap-emacs"))
(setq noninteractive true)
(load "deuce-loadup.el"))))
(defn with-loadup []
(use-fixtures :once (fn [t]
(defn with-fresh-emacs []
(use-fixtures :each (fn [t]
(let [[fns vars] (map ns-map '[deuce.emacs deuce.emacs-lisp.globals])
previous-vars (->> (ns-map 'deuce.emacs-lisp.globals)
(filter (comp var? val))
(map (fn [[n v]] [n (deref v)]))
(into {}))]
(clear-publics 'deuce.emacs fns)
(clear-publics 'deuce.emacs-lisp.globals vars)
(->> previous-vars
(map (fn [[n v]] (alter-var-root (ns-resolve 'deuce.emacs-lisp.globals n)
(constantly v))))
(defmacro repl [name & body]
(let [parts (partition-by '#{⇒ -|} body)
ops (filter '#{⇒ -|} body)
parts (remove '#{[⇒] [-|]} parts)
expected (map first (next parts))
parts (cons (first parts) (map rest (next parts)))]
(concat `(deftest ~name)
(for [[a op e] (partition 3 (interleave parts ops expected))]
(if (and (symbol? e) (isa? (resolve e) Throwable))
`(is (~'thrown? ~e (emacs ~@a)))
(if (= '-| op)
`(is (re-find (re-pattern ~e) (with-out-str (emacs ~@a))))
(and (symbol? e) (resolve e)) (if (instance? Class (resolve e))
`(is (instance? ~e (emacs ~@a)))
`(is (~(resolve e) (emacs ~@a))))
(instance? java.util.regex.Pattern e) `(is (re-find (re-pattern ~e) (emacs ~@a)))
:else `(is (fns/equal ~e (emacs ~@a))))))))))
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