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(ns deuce.test.parser
(:use [clojure.test]
(:require [ :as io]))
;; This is an Emacs Lisp parser spike.
;; lein run -m deuce.test.parser
;; It can read all the .el files under emacs/lisp, but the actual representation as Clojure forms will probably change.
(defn smoke []
(doseq [el (filter #(re-find #".el$" (str %)) (file-seq (io/file "emacs/lisp")))]
(try (println (str el) (count (parse el))) (catch Exception e (println e)))))
(defn -main []
(println "Deuce Emacs Lisp Parser Smoke Test")
(if (.exists (io/file "emacs/lisp"))
(println "The numbers are number of top level Emacs Lisp forms parsed")
(println "Takes about a minute...")
(time (smoke)))
(println "Cannot find Emacs, please run ./configure-emacs")))