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(ns deuce.test.terminal
(:require [lanterna.screen :as s])
(:import [sun.misc Signal SignalHandler]
[com.googlecode.lanterna.screen Screen]))
;; This is a clojure-lanterna[1] UI spike.
;; lein trampoline run -m deuce.test.terminal
;; Press C-x C-c to exit. M-x for minibuffer
;; You can type text (insert mode) and move the cursor around. The line number changes on the mode line.
;; This is *NOT* Emacs, Deuce or anything close like it, even though it looks like it at first sight.
;; It is meant to ensure that Lanterna can handle the UI updates Emacs requires.
;; It flickers a bit, but works better than expected. Also, :white isn't white (but :default can be).
;; In theory you can also specify :swing as an argument, but it doesn't work for some reason.
;; I plan to keep extending this spike to scrolling, complex keyboard handling and other risk areas.
;; [1] "A Clojurey wrapper around the Lanterna terminal output library."
;; (System/setProperty "awt.useSystemAAFontSettings" "lcd")
;; (System/setProperty "swing.aatext" "true")
(def colors {:fg :black :bg :white})
(def reverse-video {:fg (:bg colors) :bg (:fg colors)})
(declare screen)
(def size (atom [80 20]))
(defn puts
([x y s] (puts x y s colors))
([x y s opts] (s/put-string screen x y (str s) opts)))
(defn line
([y] (line y colors))
([y opts]
(let [[width _] @size]
(puts 0 y (apply str (repeat width " ")) opts))))
(defn blank [_ height]
(s/clear screen)
(s/redraw screen)
(doseq [y (range 0 height)]
(line y)))
(defn mode-line [line]
(let [[width height] @size
text"-UUU:----F1 *scratch* All L%-6d (Lisp Interaction)%s"
padding (apply str (repeat (- width (count text)) "-"))]
(puts 0 (- height 2) (format text line padding) reverse-video)))
(def current-prompt (atom nil))
(defn mini-buffer [line]
(let [[width height] @size]
(puts 0 (- height 1) line)))
(defn clear-mini-buffer []
(reset! current-prompt nil)
(let [[width height] @size]
(line (- height 1))))
(defn move-cursor [x y]
(s/move-cursor screen x y)
(mode-line y))
(defn cursor-position []
[(.getColumn (.getCursorPosition ^Screen screen))
(.getRow (.getCursorPosition ^Screen screen))])
(defn prompt [line fn]
(mini-buffer line)
(reset! current-prompt fn))
(defn scratch [_ height]
(line 0 reverse-video)
(puts 0 0 "File Edit Options Buffers Tools Lisp-Interaction Help" reverse-video)
(puts 0 1 ";; This buffer is for notes you don't want to save, and for Lisp evaluation.")
(puts 0 2 ";; If you want to create a file, visit that file with C-x C-f,")
(puts 0 3 ";; then enter the text in that file's own buffer.")
(move-cursor 0 5))
(defn disclaimer []
(puts 0 0 "Deuce clojure-lanterna Screen Test")
(puts 0 1 "This is *NOT* Deuce or Emacs")
(puts 0 2 "Press any key to continue...")
(s/redraw screen)
(s/get-key-blocking screen))
(defn resize-screen [width height]
(reset! size [width height])
(blank width height)
(scratch width height)
(s/redraw screen))
(defn refresh [& _]
(s/redraw screen))
(def running (atom true))
(defn exit []
(reset! running false)
(s/stop screen)
(defn prompt-exit []
(prompt "Active processes exists; kill them and exit anyway? (y or n)" exit))
(defn handle-prompt [k f]
(case (str k)
"y" (do (clear-mini-buffer)
"n" (clear-mini-buffer)
(def mini-buffer-active (atom nil))
(defn activate-mini-buffer [cursor-position]
(reset! mini-buffer-active cursor-position)
(mini-buffer "M-x")
(let [[_ height] @size]
(move-cursor 4 (- height 1))))
(defn deactivate-mini-buffer []
(apply move-cursor @mini-buffer-active)
(reset! mini-buffer-active nil))
(defn handle-mini-buffer [k [cx cy]]
(let [[width height] @size]
(case k
:down nil
:up nil
:right (when (< cx width)
(move-cursor (inc cx) cy))
:left (when (> cx 0)
(move-cursor (dec cx) cy))
:enter (deactivate-mini-buffer)
:backspace (when (> cx 1)
(puts (dec cx) cy " ")
(move-cursor (dec cx) cy))
:escape (do (deactivate-mini-buffer)
(mini-buffer "Quit"))
(puts cx cy k)
(move-cursor (inc cx) cy)))))
(def key-state (atom nil))
(defn to-ctrl-char [c]
(char (- (int c) 96)))
(defn ctrl-char? [c]
(Character/isISOControl (char c)))
(defn from-ctrl-char [c]
(when (<= (int c) (int \))
(char (+ (int c) 96))))
(defn to-readable-char [c]
(condp some [c]
keyword? (format "<%s>" (name c))
ctrl-char? (str "C-" (from-ctrl-char c))
(defn start-chord [l k]
(reset! key-state k)
(mini-buffer l))
(defn end-chord []
(start-chord nil nil))
(declare key-press)
(defn handle-chord [prefix k [cx cy]]
(case [prefix k]
[\ \] (prompt-exit)
[:escape \x] (activate-mini-buffer [cx cy])
(if (= :escape prefix)
(key-press k)
(mini-buffer (format "%s %s is undefined" (to-readable-char prefix) (to-readable-char k))))))
(defn key-press [k]
(let [[width height] @size
[cx cy] (cursor-position)]
@current-prompt (handle-prompt k @current-prompt)
@key-state (handle-chord @key-state k [cx cy])
@mini-buffer-active (handle-mini-buffer k [cx cy])
:else (do
(case k
\ (start-chord "C-x-" \)
\ (start-chord "C-c-" \)
:down (when (< cy (- height 3))
(move-cursor cx (inc cy)))
:up (when (> cy 1)
(move-cursor cx (dec cy)))
:right (when (< cx width)
(move-cursor (inc cx) cy))
:left (when (> cx 0)
(move-cursor (dec cx) cy))
:enter (when (< cy (- height 3))
(move-cursor 0 (inc cy)))
:backspace (when (> cx 0)
(puts (dec cx) cy " ")
(move-cursor (dec cx) cy))
:escape (start-chord "" :escape)
(puts cx cy k)
(move-cursor (inc cx) cy)))))))
(defn handle-ctrl-c []
(Signal/handle (Signal. "INT")
(proxy [SignalHandler] []
(handle [s]
(key-press \)
(defn get-key-blocking [timeout]
(or (s/get-key screen)
(Thread/sleep timeout)
(recur timeout))))
(defn -main [& [screen-type]]
(def screen (s/get-screen (read-string (or screen-type ":text"))))
(s/add-resize-listener screen resize-screen)
(s/in-screen screen
(->> (repeatedly #(get-key-blocking 5))
(map key-press)
(take-while (complement #{:exit}))
(map refresh)
(System/exit 0))
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