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(:use [ :only (debug info warn error spy)]
[mimir.match :only (filter-walk prepare-matcher *match-var?* match-any bind-vars MatchAny MatchSeq)]
[clojure.walk :only (postwalk-replace postwalk)])
(:import [ Writer]
[clojure.lang Symbol Seqable])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [reify var? ==]))
;; mímirKanren: loosely based on "Implementation I: Core miniKanren", Chapter 3 in Byrd.
(defprotocol MatchVar (match-var [this x acc]))
(extend-protocol MatchVar
(match-var [x this acc] (when-let [x (-> x meta :tag)]
(match-any x this acc)))
(match-var [x this acc])
(match-var [x this acc]))
(extend-protocol MatchAny
(match-any [this x acc] (if (= this x) acc
(match-var x this acc)))
(match-any [this x acc] (if (= this x) acc
(match-var x this acc)))
(match-any [this x acc] (if (nil? x) acc
(match-var x this acc))))
(deftype LVar [name]
(match-any [this x acc] (if (= this x) acc
(bind-vars x this acc)))
(match-var [x this acc] (match-any x this acc))
(match-seq [x this acc] (when ((every-pred sequential? seq) (acc x))
(match-any this (acc x) acc)))
(hashCode [this] (if name (.hashCode name) 0))
(equals [this o] (and (instance? LVar o) (= (.name this) (.name ^LVar o)))))
(defmethod print-method LVar [o ^Writer w]
(.write w (str (.name o))))
(defmacro alias-macro [m a]
`(doto (intern *ns* '~a (var ~m)) .setMacro))
(defn var? [x] (instance? LVar x))
(defn cons-pairs-to-seqs [x]
(if (and (sequential? x) (= 3 (count x)) (= '. (second x))
((some-fn sequential? nil?) (last x)))
(cons (first x) (last x))
(defmacro unify [u v s]
(let [[u v] (map #(prepare-matcher % &env) [u v])]
`(binding [*match-var?* var?]
(merge (match-any ~u ~v ~s) (match-any ~v ~u ~s)))))
(def ^:private subscripts '[₀ ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ ₅ ₆ ₇ ₈ ₉])
(defn reify-name [n]
(symbol (apply str "" (map (comp subscripts int bigdec str) (str n)))))
(defn reify [v s]
(loop [v v s s check #{v}]
(let [v' (postwalk-replace s v)]
(debug v')
(if (contains? check v')
(recur v' s (conj check v'))))))
(defmacro ≡ [u v]
`(fn ≡ [a#]
[(unify ~u ~v a#)]))
(alias-macro ≡ ==)
(defmacro ≠ [u v]
`(fn ≠ [a#]
[(when-not (seq (select-keys (unify ~u ~v a#) (keys a#))) a#)]))
(alias-macro ≠ !=)
(defn interleave-all [& colls]
(when-let [ss (seq (remove nil? (map seq colls)))]
(concat (map first ss) (lazy-seq (apply interleave-all (map rest ss))))))
(defmacro condᵉ [& gs]
(let [a (gensym "a")]
`(fn condᵉ [~a]
(interleave-all ~@(map #(do `(run-internal ~(vec %) [~a])) gs)))))
(alias-macro condᵉ conde)
(defmacro fresh [[& x] & gs]
`(let [~@(mapcat (fn [x] `[~x (LVar. (gensym '~x))]) x)]
(defmacro project [[& x] & gs]
(let [a (gensym "a")]
`(fn project [~a]
(let [~@(mapcat (fn [x] `[~x (~a ~x)]) x)]
(run-internal ~(vec gs) [~a])))))
(defn run-internal [gs s]
(let [[g & gs] (flatten gs)
s (remove nil? s)]
(if-not g
(mapcat #(when-let [s (g %)]
(concat (run-internal gs [(first s)])
(run-internal gs (rest s)))) s)))))
(defn reify-goal [xs s]
(let [xs (map #(reify % s) xs)
vs (loop [[v & vs] (distinct (filter-walk var? xs))
acc {}]
(if-not v
(recur vs (assoc acc v (or (acc (s v)) (reify-name (count acc)))))))]
(postwalk cons-pairs-to-seqs (postwalk-replace vs xs))))
(defmacro run* [[& x] & g]
(let [g (postwalk-replace {'_ '( (gensym '_))} g)]
`(binding [*match-var?* var?]
(run-internal (fresh [~@x] ~@g (partial reify-goal ~(vec x))) [{}]))))
(defmacro run [n [& x] & g]
`(take ~n (run* [~@x] ~@g)))
(def succeed ( false false))
(def fail ( false true))
(defn consᵒ [a d l]
(if (var? l)
(let [d (if (var? d) ['. d] d)]
( (cons a d) l))
[( a (first l))
( d (rest l))]))
(defn firstᵒ [l a]
(fresh [d]
(consᵒ a d l)))
(defn restᵒ [l d]
(fresh [a]
(consᵒ a d l)))
(defn memberᵒ [x ls]
(fresh [a d]
(consᵒ a d ls)
((≡ a x))
((memberᵒ x d)))))
(defn appendᵒ [l1 l2 o]
((≡ l1 ()) ( l2 o))
((fresh [a d r]
(consᵒ a d l1)
(consᵒ a r o)
(appendᵒ d l2 r)))))
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