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(ns mimir.test.blocks
(:use [mimir.well :only (rule run facts fact retract working-memory alpha-network)]
[clojure.set :only (difference)]
(deftest blocks
(facts B1 on B2
B1 on B3
B1 color red
B2 on table
B2 left-of B3
B2 color blue
B3 left-of B4
B3 on table
B3 color red)
(rule find-stack-of-two-blocks-to-the-left-of-a-red-block
?x on ?y
?y left-of ?z
?z color red
?x is on-top)
(match? B1 is on-top)
; retract irrelevant fact
(retract B2 color blue)
(match? B1 is on-top)
; retract relevant fact
(let [an ((alpha-network) '(?1 left-of ?2))]
(retract B2 left-of B3)
(is (= '#{{?1 B2 ?2 B3}}
(difference an ((alpha-network) '(?1 left-of ?2)))))
; restate the fact
(facts B2 left-of B3)
(match? B1 is on-top)
(is (= an ((alpha-network) '(?1 left-of ?2))))))