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(ns mimir.test.pong
(:use [mimir.well :only (update rule reset run* is-not)])
(:require [lanterna.screen :as s]))
(def axis {:x 0 :y 1})
(def paddle-size 5)
(defn half [n] (bit-shift-right n 1))
(rule ball-keeps-moving
{:speed [dx dy]}
(update :ball [:ball] #(mapv + [dx dy] %)))
(defn place-ball-at-center [width height]
(update {:ball =} merge {:ball [(half width) (rand-int height)]}))
(defn score [who]
(update {:player who} [:score] inc))
(rule computer-scores
{:screen [width height]}
{:ball [0 _]}
(place-ball-at-center width height)
(score :computer))
(rule player-scores
{:screen [width height]}
{:ball [width _]}
(place-ball-at-center width height)
(score :human))
(defn bounce [axis]
(update :speed [:speed axis] -))
(rule ball-hits-paddle
{:ball [bx by] :speed [dx _]}
{:paddle [(+ ?dx ?bx) #(<= % ?by (+ paddle-size %))]}
(bounce (:x axis)))
(rule ball-hits-floor
{:ball [_ 0] :speed [_ neg?]}
(bounce (:y axis)))
(rule ball-hits-ceiling
{:screen [_ height]}
{:ball [_ height] :speed [_ pos?]}
(bounce (:y axis)))
(defn move-paddle [who direction]
(update {:player who} [:paddle (:y axis)] direction))
(rule player-moves-paddle-up
{:key :up}
(move-paddle :human dec))
(rule player-moves-paddle-down
{:key :down}
(move-paddle :human inc))
(defn middle-of-paddle [y]
(+ (half paddle-size) y))
(rule computer-moves-paddle-up
{:ball [_ by]}
{:player :computer :paddle [_ py]}
(< ?by (middle-of-paddle ?py))
(move-paddle :computer dec))
(rule computer-moves-paddle-down
{:ball [_ by]}
{:player :computer :paddle [_ py]}
(> ?by (middle-of-paddle ?py))
(move-paddle :computer inc))
(rule paddle-hits-ceiling
{:player who :paddle [_ (complement pos?)]}
(move-paddle who 0))
(rule paddle-hits-floor
{:screen [_ height]}
{:player who :paddle [_ py]}
(> (+ paddle-size ?py) ?height)
(move-paddle who (inc (- height paddle-size))))
(declare screen)
(def colors {:fg :white :bg :black})
(def reverse-video {:fg (:bg colors) :bg (:fg colors)})
(defn puts
([x y s] (puts x y s colors))
([x y s opts] (s/put-string screen x y (str s) opts)))
(rule player-exits-game
{:key :escape}
(s/stop screen)
(System/exit 0))
(rule draw-ball
{:ball [x y]}
(s/move-cursor screen x y))
(rule draw-paddle
{:paddle [x y]}
(doseq [y (range y (+ y paddle-size))]
(puts x y " " reverse-video))
(puts x (dec y) " ")
(puts x (+ y paddle-size) " "))
(rule draw-score :salience 1
{:paddle [x y] :score s}
(puts x 2 s))
(defn blank [x y]
(s/clear screen)
(s/redraw screen)
(doseq [y (range 0 y)]
(puts 0 y (apply str (repeat x " ")))))
(defn center [total length]
(half (- total length)))
(defn centered-text [width y s]
(puts (center width (count s)) y s))
(defn draw-net [x y]
(doseq [y (range 0 y 3)]
(puts (half x) y " " reverse-video)))
(defn create-paddle [who x y]
(update {:player who} merge {:paddle [x y] :score 0}))
(defn header [width]
(centered-text width 0 "Welcome to Mímir Pong!")
(centered-text width 1 "Press Esc to exit"))
(defn draw-background [x y]
(blank x y)
(draw-net x y)
(header x))
(defn start-game [x y]
(place-ball-at-center x y)
(update :ball merge {:speed [1 1]})
(create-paddle :human 2 (center y paddle-size))
(create-paddle :computer (- x 2) (center y paddle-size)))
(defn resize-screen [x y]
(update :screen {:screen (mapv dec [x y])})
(draw-background x y)
(start-game x y))
(defn frame []
(s/redraw screen)
(Thread/sleep 20)
(update :key {:key (->> (repeatedly #(s/get-key screen))
(take-while identity) last)}))
(defn -main [& [screen-type _]]
(def screen (s/get-screen (read-string (or screen-type ":text"))))
(s/add-resize-listener screen resize-screen)
(s/in-screen screen (dorun (interleave (run*) (repeatedly frame)))))