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This does not work on modern Macs and I've started a retrofit but it's not happening anytime soon.


This is a macOS QuickLook Plugin for R data files.

That means if you install this plugin (download and unzip and put QuickLookR.qlgenerator into ~/Library/QuickLook) you can hit the spacebar on an R Data or saved RDS file (case-insentitive .rdata, .rda, .rds, .rmd are currently supported extensions) and get a str() preview (for data files) without firing up R/RStudio and the ability to preview Rmd source files and then optionally go right to editing..

It looks for Rscript in /usr/local/bin and (for now) requires a helper package rdatainfo. devtools::install_github("hrbrmstr/rdatainfo") to install that.

For the moment, the QuickLook preview is rather plain, but I hope to improve the output and switch to reading the data files at the C-level by linking directly to R.framework.