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taucharts is an R htmlwidget interface to the TauCharts javascript library

Take a look at the TODO list and chip in!

Right now, you can make & customize (including manual color scales & ordered factors + legends + tooltips + trendlines):

  • scatterplots
  • scatterplot matrices
  • line charts
  • bar charts (veritical, horizontal & stacked)

Composite plots are on the road map for support but not in the R package yet.

Have a look on RPubs to see what taucharts can do!

The following functions are implemented:

  • tauchart: Create a new TauChart
  • tau_line: Create a TauCharts line chart
  • tau_point: Create a TauCharts scatterplot
  • tau_bar: Create a TauCharts bar chart (horizontal or vertical)
  • tau_stacked_bar: Create a TauCharts stacked bar chart (veritcal only)
  • tau_guide_gridlines: Control showing of axis gridlines
  • tau_guide_padding: Set overall chart padding
  • tau_guide_x: Control x-axis padding, label, scale & tick format
  • tau_guide_y: Control y-axis padding, label, scale & tick format
  • tau_legend: Add a TauCharts legend
  • tau_tooltip: Add a TauCharts tooltip
  • tau_trendline: Add a TauCharts trendline
  • run_tau_app: Run a built-in example Shiny app
  • tau_tasks: Add post-render JavaScript tasks to taucharts
  • tau_add_css_rule: Add a CSS rule to the rendered htmlwidget
  • tau_set_font: Set font-family for the chart
  • as_tauchart: Turn a simple (single-geom) ggplot plot into an tauchart object
  • tau_title: Add a title to the tauchart plot

with many color palette options:

  • tau_color_manual: Specify the colors used in the charts
  • tau_color_brewer: Use the ColorBrewer palette in the charts
  • tau_color_economist: Use the “Economist” palette used in the charts
  • tau_color_few: Use the “Few” palette used in the charts
  • tau_color_highcharts: Use the HighchartsJS palette used in the charts
  • tau_color_manual: Specify the colors used in the charts
  • tau_color_tableau: Use the Tableau palette in the charts
  • tau_color_wsj: Use the “Wall Street Journal” palette used in the charts

The following datasets are included:

  • cars_data: statistics on cars released from 1997 through 2013 (a data frame with 135 rows and 7 variables)


  • Version 0.4.5 released : Shiny click events, color themes for faceted charts, updated TauCharts JS lib
  • Version released : tau_title
  • Version released : minor issue with guides
  • Version released : pre-CRAN flight check
  • Version released : added as_tauchart & updated TauCharts JS lib
  • Version released : added warning for global targeted CSS rules and font ref fix thx to @jlewis91
  • Version released : fix for custom colors and tau_line
  • Version 0.3.3 released : custom font for chart (?tau_set_font)
  • Version 0.3.2 released : custom colors working in legend & trendlines
  • Version 0.3.1 released : removed R 3.2.0 dependency (removed the dependent code)
  • Version 0.3.0 released : color palettes galore!
  • Version released : ?tau_add_css_rule (add CSS rules to a chart)
  • Version released : ?tau_tasks (add JavaScript to a chart)
  • Version released : list & run example Shiny apps - see ?run_tau_app for more info
  • Version released : stacked bar charts
  • Version 0.1.0 released : trendline, tooltips & dev fork (prod is pretty much stable & functional)
  • Version released : facet-based ordering + legends
  • Version released : auto-detects column classes, can add manual colors & faceted plots are now working (see the Rpub for an example)
  • Version released





# current verison
#> [1] '0.4.5'

Test Results

#> [1] "Fri May 11 00:02:12 2018"

test_dir("tests/testthat", reporter = SummaryReporter)
#> basic functionality: S
#> ══ Skipped ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
#> 1. we can do something (@test-taucharts.R#2) - Empty test
#> ══ DONE ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.