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A python script to backup the contents of private Yahoo! groups.
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A python script to backup the contents of Yahoo! groups, be they private or public.


You will need:

  • Python 3.5+
  • a MongoDB instance
  • a computer with a GUI as Selenium is used for the scraping (to be able to handle private groups)
  • a driver for Selenium to use with the browser (Chromedriver is recommended as Firefox is no longer compatible with this script).

MacOS users in particular may also require a recent version of icu4c, available through Homebrew.

pyenv or virtualenv is recommended.

git clone
cd yahoo-groups-backup
pip install -r requirements.txt
cp redactions.yaml.template redactions.yaml # edit this file if you want
cp settings.yaml.template settings.yaml # definitely edit this file with your yahoo credentials


To scrape an entire site, say the concatenative group:

./ scrape_messages --driver chrome concatenative

This will shove all the messages into a Mongo database (default localhost:27017), into the database of the same name as the group.

To scrape the files as well (though this group has no files):

./ scrape_files --driver chrome concatenative

To dump the scraped messages as a human-friendly, fully static (i.e. viewable from the file system) website:

./ dump_site concatenative concatenative_static_site

Then simply open concatenative_static_site/index.html and browse!

Full Usage

To see the full usage:

./ -h

I'm getting some weird error

Older versions of Selenium might be troublesome. Try:

pip install -U selenium
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