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Exam details, grade boundaries and various related things. Vaguely based upon my Rewired State nhtg12 project (gh:hrickards/nhtg12)

Scraping Data

cd into scraper and run rake. For more customised scraping, take a look at Rakefile.


A pretty simple node app in api, which can be run with node server.js. Currently consists of the following endpoints (all GET):

  • /api/qualifications.json - a list of qualifications/specifications.
  • /api/boundaries.json - a list of boundaries for all units.
  • /api/exams.json - a list of exams for all units.

All three endpoints can be filtered by passing in the following parameters:

  • from - a number to offset all results by (for pagination). Defaults to 0.
  • size - the number of results to return. Defaults to 10.
  • fields - comma separated list of fields to return. Defaults to all fields.
  • query - a string to search for, using ElasticSearch syntax.


To come soon...

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