Optimisied fork of box2d-js with support for Springs and SVG demos
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About this fork

The original box2d-js library is hosted on sourceforge. It seems to be currently unmaintained and uses the HTML5 Canvas element for display.

This fork has the following changes over the original:

New features

  • Spring Joint (simple version, suitable for simulation of soft bodies)

Code Optimisations

  • Removed dependency on prototype.js
  • Simple optimisations to core library
  • Avoid frequent instantiations of b2Vec2

Features in the demo

  • Use of SVGs instead of Canvas

    • Using jquery and jquery.svg
    • only create a shape for the first time, then use transformations
    • if static or sleeping then don't redraw
  • throttling of step size and inter-frame delays, to achieve a target FPS.

  • a new demo scene called drop to show off spring-joints.